KAFLAB - We are all a little Arab
Tania Saleh - Beirut Windows شبابيك بيروت - تانيا صالح [Music Video]

Made with love.

FENICIA BANK - Inheritance

Fenicia Bank uses comedy for the first time to reach the consumer. Proof that corporate doesn't have to be boring


For Who Killed Bruce Lee's first official music video, we followed our actress betweeen the unsuspecting fans attending their EP launch concert. We then shot additional performance shots in the studio. 

Put the volume up for this one!



An unsuspecting customer is used for inspiration for a word game between childish bank tellers. Fun shoot with great comedians.

MASHROU' LEILA مشروع ليلى - Lil Watan للوطن

Mashrou’ Leila is one of the most popular and upcoming young Lebanese bands. This video, in collaboration with Leo Burnett, shows the performance of a sensual belly dancer, dancing to “Lil Watan” (for the nation), a song that revolves around politics, instability and turmoil faced by the region. Leo Burnett’s goal behind this music video was to convey the idea that we are so used to “dancing” while hearing patriotic lyrics, that it is ironic we don’t revolt against this idea and keep doing it, given our cultural insights.


WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE are a bunch of talented, loveable guys who have just released their first EP.
This is a small part of the taping of their rehearsal session at an old printing house. We went for a flawful, low-fi look & feel that matches the time, place and energy. I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we did shooting it.

SOHAT | Campaign 2013

Behind the scenes featurette during the photo session in New York for Sohat's new campaign that uses dancers.

KAFLAB - We are all a little Arab
KAFLAB - We are all a little Arab

Four large portrait concepts for Kaflab's 2013 New York City show Beyond the Cloth: The Kafiye Project

TOUCH - Rendez Vous

Miss-calling is so 1920's! One of two spots shot for Touch to promote their new discounted bundles. Great shoot with a great team.

TOUCH – Delivery Boy

Miss-calling is so 1920's! One of two spots shot for Touch to promote their new discounted bundles. Great shoot with a great team.

KSARA - The Original Story - HUNTER {3 of 3}

This campaign was shot for KSARA, the leading winemakers of Lebanon.
In the late 1800's Jesuit monks discovered a Roman cave in their vineyards in KSARA, located in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. These caves were later on extended and used to store their wine – a milestone in Lebanon's winemaking history.

There are many stories to the discovery of those caves, and they include in different versions a hunter, a fox, a chicken and an orphan.
This is a rendition of one of these stories. Three were shot in total.