ANGHAMI | The Sound of Freedom – 2018
STC Pay | Forget Paperwork (+ Closed Captions)
iNGRID - متل العادة ( As Usual ) Music Video

There are two sides to any story. Especially love stories.

CADILLAC – Design Campaign – 3 x 20" compilation

Design is not a democracy. It lives on the edge of your imagination.

MATCHBOX [ علبة كبريت ] Short Film 2017

Four year old Habib finds himself having to let go of his toy cars - his most precious treasure. His grandmother finds a way to comfort him while her own peace of mind comes with great sacrifice.

JOHNNIE WALKER - Forward Lebanon

When things come to a standstill, those who find a way to keep going, can find a way to keep on walking.


WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE – Born Addicted [Official Music Video]

"Born Addicted" is my third collaboration with the band. Shot with clandestino films.

ESSAY ON A LOVE STORY | Short Film 2015

"Essay on a Love Story" was conceived and produced in collaboration with Olive Tree for their 6th anniversary.

It's a tribute to story, without which the human experience is incomplete.

CAFÉ SUPER BRASIL – The Musical – Director's Cut

A modern pop-culture twist on a traditional format. This musical is bursting with colors, energy & dance for this famous coffee brand.

Tania Saleh - Beirut Windows شبابيك بيروت - تانيا صالح [Music Video]

Made with love.

TOUCH – Delivery Boy

Miss-Calling is so passé... One of two films shot for Touch Lebanon to promote their new discounted bundles. Watch the second spot in the TV Commercials Section.